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Single Window Barriers

Invisible Protection, Tested to FM Protocols, Working Full time 24-7's, Eliminates Manpower Needs, Eliminates Deployment Costs, No Expensive Storage Space, PE Certification, Site-Specific

Consider them carefully. Glass is very strong when you consider optional glass thickness and laminates. Glass ALSO has limitations when confronted with heavy pressures, especially WAVE ACTION. There are LIMITATIONS OF widths of the glass and depth of WATER.

Flood Log – Test

Refer to ACSE 7-10 CHAPTER 5 FLOOD LOADS when designing and Engineering surrounding construction, and add to this wave loads as therein specified, (par. 5.4.4), also considering the information in the Elevation Certificate, Section B, furnished by the owner, Project Engineer, or other resource.

DEBRIS IMPACT FORCE will also be a factor to evaluate. This can also Veto the use of flood glass storefronts depending on sizes of glass and the depth of water threat. See FEMA TB 3-93 page 9 for more.

Drawing Details

Visitors Note: The details you will see are 'typical'. We have many archived projects that we can send you once we have some information, drawings etc., of your specific application.

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