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November 1, 2010, Lake Park, Florida

Savannah Flood Protection, aka Savannah Trims, Inc. has stunned the flood protection industry by passing the abusive 600 Juhls Heavy Log Impact Testing requirements with their Flood Resistant Glazing System. This is the only known glass window which also serves as a flood abatement system for new and existing construction applications. Added to that, Savannah Trims Flood Resistant Glazing System has passed the very difficult Miami-Dade Large Missile Impact Test Protocol with its double missile impact and 9000 pressure cycles which imitate hurricane forces. These tests were performed by the highly respected testing and evaluation agency HTL Testing.

This unique and versatile Glass and Aluminum Barrier is welcomed by architects and insurance companies alike because it works for the owner/occupant 24/7, without the storage and deployment problems associated with the old and more commonly used aluminum panel systems. It also offers long life savings because it has nolabor requirements for reinstallation over time.

Savannah Flood Protection, Inc. has extensive experience as a solution to the FEMA Technical Bulletin 3-93 which is the standard most cited by Specification writers looking for FEMA and NFIP requirements.

Turn to Savannah Flood Protection Flood Resistant Glazing System Specifications for solutions. Also note that there are certain patents applied for that help ensure a strong and successful performance of the Savannah Glass Flood Protection System.


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